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unshakeable will to live

polwo.com is home for "Luz de Presença" and its elderly brother "Oh! Doce Saudade".

"Saudade" is my personal Travel Blog created in 2005 in my native language. It allows me to easily travel back in time and assure some memories remain fresh. The first layout had a pink background which was very unpopular but I kept it until 2018 when I also changed the name from "oh! como é doce a saudade de viajar..."

"Luz" is a Photography Blog started in 2011 when I bought my first DSLR. It aspires to reflect my few artistic temptations. Without following a particular subject I shoot when I'm in the mood. The camera tends to be a great partner in holidays and day trips.

Travelling and making photographs are gorgeous ways to reinforce my unshakeable will to live.

Paulo Jaime

Born in Portugal in the early '80s

Currently wandering around Lisbon and Madrid


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